July 27, 2009

Tomorrow is my birthday and right now I’m knee-deep in physics problems. I’m distracting myself every few minutes, however, with pictures of things that I would otherwise be hunting for. Lately I’ve picked up the “quality over quantity” way of life, thinking that I should buy more expensive things, but fewer of them. Unfortunately, I’ve bastardized this philosophy so that it’s more “quality and quantity” — thankfully I’ve only looking at tres designer things, so I can’t even afford to be tempted.

I don’t have a spending addiction (I don’t! I’ll stop anytime I want. Next week.) but there are things that I am always on the lookout for (Hint: they rhyme with “m-shoes,” “m-bowties,” and “m-books.”) and these few things I “desperately” need:

A casual white blazer. (You could argue that I can only wear this in the summer, but I would counter that California is always sunny, suckah.)

A non-grandpa grey cardigan. I came home from Big University for summer break and noticed that my grandma had gotten into my closet and looted my favorite cashmere — I don’t know if this says that my grandma is stylish or that I’m an old lady.

Well-fitting blue jeans. I’ve always had trouble finding jeans that fit my skinny calves and large rear. Lately I’ve been working out (I know, right?) so I have to contend with growing quads, too. I used to wear skinny jeans but have started to move away from them, which is igniting a larger identity crisis than I would care to admit.