I’m a 20something undergraduate studying English Lit at big ol’ impressive-sounding school.  The future will hopefully hold an MFA in creative writing, an MPH in public health, and an M.D. (What can I say? I like schoolin’.) The present currently holds queer activism, teachin’ college kids about sexual health, reading, writing, short-lived hobbies (photography and longboarding are potential victims), and staying up too late. And let’s leave the past in the past.

I turn red after one glass of champagne. I have never broken a bone in my body. (And none outside my body, come to think of it.) I mumble under my breath, only sometimes unintentionally. I have terrible road rage (fortunately my friends find it amusing). I force my eyes open really wide in pictures. And sometimes for special occassions I’ll wear a dress and a wig.

I’ve had several blogs in the past and don’t want to hold myself to too much with this one. (Maybe I have commitment issues.) It will probably be some daily thoughts, anecdotes, half-baked writing schemes,  and (more likely) posts of things that I want and can’t have.


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