Pictures of dogs

July 13, 2009

I just got my firs big boy camera recently. It’s a Canon Rebel xs and I think I’m in love.

Some of my friends from high school and I went out for dinner tonight and I took it out for its public debut. There were so many adorable kids and dogs and outfits that I could hardly take a step without wanting to snap a picture. Apparently, though, there are rules to taking pictures — as in you’re not really allowed to.

I took a picture of this cutie when he ran up to me while I was eating a caprese sandwich. As I was taking his picture, the owner calls to me, incredulously, “are you taking a picture??” She then gets up and moves to a table 50 feet away.

The owner of this cuter was much friendlier though.

So friendly, in fact, that it got a little creepy. The dog wouldn’t leave my friend Tanvi alone and the owner kept repeating that the dog was a real “chick magnet.”


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